Fib, Fibber, Fibbest

All the world’s a
stage, And all the men and women merely players:

–  William Shakespeare (I hear his friends called him ‘Willy

Reading through that oh-so-famous quote again, I have to
try to re-infer Shakespeare’s meaning: was he talking about the transient
nature of the human existence? Or was it really a coded missile on
relationships? I fear it was the latter. I also fear that a collect of literary
purists are going to send a not-so-coded missile my way for messing with
Shakesy’s words. And his name.

I really have been perturbed by this ageless conundrum: why
do we have to lie in relationships? And ceaselessly at that. I haven’t found an
answer. I also haven’t found a reason to stop writing so…


Women are constantly battling with their weight and their
dress sizes and all that.

Sidebar: I was only recently told what a ‘size zero’
means. It still makes no sense to me. None.

Anyways, the primary dilemma here involves your answer to the question: ‘Honey, do I look fat?’

The crazy, crazy thing here is that, as with all things in life where women are involved, you’re screwed either way! If she’s big, she
wants to be told she’s skinny even though she’s actually a Sumo wrestler who
happens to have been raised in Okokomaiko rather than Bao-Ding. If she’s
skinny, she wants to know she’s still slim enough to wear an old outfit from
when she was socials prefect in secondary school. Well hon, if there’s no hope
of that story continuing with I and I dressed as an angry housemaster ready to
punish you for no reason, then I shan’t be compromising my chances of going to
heaven with that untruth.

In lieu of asking: “would you marry me?” men sometimes ask:
“would you make an honest man out of me?” A sad shame indeed for even after
swapping vows, the quest for sexy lies never stops. Prime example is that
six-month period of bedlam that happens to coincide with the second and final
trimesters of pregnancy.

The stereotype propagated by movies is that it is OK to lie
blatantly to thine wife when she art gone preggos. Especially when she doth
look bloated and oily. This ensures you get to sleep on the bed instead of the
couch. Well, this is Africa: we don’t do couches.


“Wow. Nice dress.” “Nice hair-do.” “Nice teeth. Did you
ACTUALLY brush today?” “Those shiny things on your nails look cool even though
I have no idea what they are called.” These are things we say out loud. In our
heads, there is one bigger Q: “did you really need me to tell you
that?????????!!!!!!” This is what makes men players. We’ve figured out what
this does to y’all and once we throw a few of these around, y’all get fluttery
around us. Make it hard(er). The chase and… everything else (go figure!)


See how I played that? I should get paid for my
sub-headings alone. *shoulders up, head expanding*

By definition, the ego is like having an elephant in the
room. Only bigger. Also, it only pops up when a woman gets into a situation
where it is remotely likely that her man’s homeboys will perceive said man as a
bitch should she have her way.

And no man likes to be called a bitch.

What naturally follows is some kind of inferiority complex
where the man opts to flip Oprah the bird and jump off a cliff rather than
concede to being lost and asking for directions. Fyi, in that crazed state, I
have once driven interstate looking for my neighbour’s.

Impasse? Yes. For where men have egos, women have a
constant need to feel good about themselves. Men are pretty much good to go. As
long as any random member of the male species is getting a decently regular
shag (e.g. once in two months) his morale is permanently sky high. Not so for
ladies. If you bunk her too steadily, you’re begging for an inquiry into
whether she’s just a sex object. Too little and she… yes – she thinks you find
her unappealing. Thus, as the designated maker-feeler-gooder for all of
eternity (a heck of a long time I assure you. Could I interest you in that tub
of arsenic now?) it behooves hubby or bf to tell her she’s pretty in that awful
pair of skinny jeans, that her food tastes like heaven (even though it’s a
combination of vinegar and sewage) and that the new furniture she picked makes
the living room look like a Hollywood crib rather than a gay bar. Awesome

The solution is simple: quit fretting about the male ego
and stop complaining about how all men are babies. Then maybe, maybe against
all maybies, maybe we’ll tell you about how you look radiant in that garish
outfit you chose this morning. Maybe we’ll make an effort to adapt to sleeping
on pink bed sheets for your sake.


And this is the summary of it all. The reason why we take
it. Cuz while we are ticked-off as hell, we have defeatedly acknowledged to
ourselves that it doesn’t get much better than where we’re currently at. You
can get a slightly better gift wrapping but when the celebrations and unraveling
are over, all men find that they got the exact same mix of scratching, needy
goodness for Christmas.

And all freakin’ year round!

You don’t get my point? Let me make it: women need to
figure out that we love ‘em irrespective of how little we say it; or how blunt
we tend to be. The best of us want to be 100% honest with y’all: why won’t you
let us?

When you’re pregnant and bloating, we observe but it
doesn’t bother us because you still talk smart either way. You’re still funny
and charming. When your make up is not on point, we’re not too bothered cuz
your smile is still killer. When your food tastes god-awful let us tell you
because it will make you a better cook when you know you’ve made mistakes.
Also, we always appreciate the effort.


I am aware that this piece will not enhance my
chances of scoring that babe I’ve been scoping since forever. My fate is now in
the hands of those ‘roofies’ I dropped in her Fanta!(I couldn’t see the point
of investing in wine) She drinks it and she’ll wake up married to a monster.

With these few points of mine, I’m sure that I’ve been able
to convince you that I’m a self-absorbed cow. Thank you for noticing. I have
worked tremendously hard to be where I am today.

P.S. If any women wish to reply this, feel free. But try to
make yours as cool and as blunt. Cuz if it ain’t, I won’t lie to you that it
is. #gbabe

More importantly, your comments aren’t just welcome, they’re needed!


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I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter:!/cikk0

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  1. I think I love you..

  2. Or the way you write.. I’ll be back when I figure it out.

  3. First time on the blog. I might not be well placed to give an opinion or drop a proper comment. But I’d say, the last paragraph of the post makes a whole lotta sense and hits the nail on the head perfectly. A lot of women(girls/ladies/babes) need to read that last paragraph and believe it wholeheartedly.

  4. I would agree with u bruv, but I don’t want wahala. U may have a point tho….I’m juss sayin

  5. Hey, *wink* you can score with me anytime.
    Ok I don’t think I want to be lied to, and most times when I do ask another opinion is because I am REALLY unsure of mine.
    Truth tho’ is we all know who/what we really are/look like so asking for a man”s opinion won’t make a difference to me. erm..I have lost me point. Bye

  6. ibetapassmyneighbour

    LWMAWTBWE…(Laff wan make arsenal win trophy B4 world end)

    Okay…this is crazy..sincere…hilarious…and very deep!!!

    I enjoyed every single line…y??…ve been laffin and my
    chest is on fire!! …

    Goodone…..BOOKMARK WORTHY!!!!!!!!

  7. First time here!! Oya give me my gift!! Well, I’m actually one of those few women that get turned off when a man tries to compliment me on the obvious “wow you are really beautiful” err thanks for saying it, but It wldnt make me like you more, or make my heart flutter, why? because I know, I do have a mirror!!…well dat is telling me a fact..then imagine how upset I get when a man lies to me just to..(erm, wat exactly do they hope to achieve? I’m lost)..”Oh baby u smell so good dis morning” when I know my scalp is begging to be cared for,smelling like “injin oyel” and my armpit…let’s just leave it at that!!! Point is not ALL women like being lied to!! P.S I love your style of writing!! I’m a groupie already!!(No lies :D)

    • irst timer? Oya, follow the usher go back make dem give you malt and Nabisco! lol
      Anywhoo, I get yr point. Not all… but in my experience -warped though it may be – quite a number still.
      thx 4 visitin, hope to see u soon again…

  8. All these women lying to you that they love your style of writing are just getting back at a random man on behalf of all the women out there for all the lies they’ve been told jarey! Heed them not!! *Dives for cover*

    • @olatoxic: My slow, tiny brain had to boot to get yr jibe… lol. na u sabi sha. And I wouldn’t blame em… boys no dey try at times…

  9. ibetapassmyneighbour

    @olatoxic u don carry ur wahala com person blog again ba???

  10. First, I love being called a bitch depending on the circumstances. *straight face* Secondly, bros plixx where do you buy the roofies? *straightface again* Okay, okay… I pass compliments a lot. I see you, and look for something u have on and i like and I don’t hesitate to tell you. If I don’t like anything on you, I will not lie. Does it make me score more? Maybe, but if I don’t like anything on you chances are I won’t ‘bee’ interested in thee anyway… Nice post once again and you are still my favourite writer. *doffs hat*

  11. Ermm, forgot to add, I lie to my younger sister o! Whenever she cooks and the food is not sweet dem no born me to tell her cos I will STARVE. 😦 *Future wife/gf please know how to cook!* I don’t wanna lie for the rest of my life… But she’s the only one I’d lie to sha… *straight face yet again*

  12. Good job. Touche. Bravo. And I mean all of that too. Just spent a considerable part of my morning going thru ur blog (every one of ur posts), and well, bravo!

  13. Nice post but not all women wants to be lied to.U̶̲̥̅̊ rili think some(note:I said some) girls won’t notice dat d compliments dat roll out d guys lips are so not original and they’ve prolly said it to two or more girls during the hour? So even if I’m not a fan of flattery,I’d still think guyz shd endeavour to stick close to d truth yle givin compliment cos even if they all tell U̶̲̥̅̊ they don’t care bout what U̶̲̥̅̊ think,they don’t like being told they r fat,at least,not everytym. Don’t even knw what I’m tryin to argue again *drops pen*

  14. Not all ladies like being lied to. they just don’t like being told bluntly and in annoying manner. for example, if your wife’s soup didn’t taste too well,1) do not tell her before u eat it!!!, 2), you know her moods, so tell her when she’s in a good one. 3)say it nicely. e.g,”while fondling her hair, *honey, there was too much salt in d food bt other than that it was perfect.*”… consider the fact that she spent hours cooking it!
    i know fully well that some ladies are extra stubborn. God help their partners.

  15. U know what makes me laugh each time I read ur blog bruv, as in really rotfl? I imagine ur face and the manner in which u’d b sayin what u’re writing! Nicely done yet again! This is becomin my fav blog….or..well…the only one I read consistently! U’re spot on tho!

  16. sorry I’m just commenting now bruv…just got around to reading it…
    True talk from beginning to end…frankly I think any babe who isn’t ready to hear what I honestly have to say isn’t worth my time…thank God I don’t have pals like that…but like @Didi said…how u say it is d final clincher…great stuff bruv…real talk…

  17. perfect imperfectionist

    Isn’t it funny how we women always defend ourselves whenever we are accused of being shallow/vain/into ourselves. I like being lied to cos God knows if after I’ve slaved in the kitchen for hours u tell me my food doesn’t taste nice ah I’ll boil ur head. Its good to know I’m beautiful cos sometimes a girl needs to know u notice her. That said I’m not saying any of the ladies are lying *please do not prosecute me* 🙂

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