What To Write???

It’s not like I’m not busy – I swear I am – but that’s not the problem. I can eke out time if I need to. It’s just that I don’t have a frackin’ clue what to write next. And don’t say “John Okro”. Writing about him is an experience that actually takes quite a bit of research to accomplish…

So on to my dilemma. I need a title. The rule is really simple: gimme a title. It could be crazy, naughty, nice, whatever. The most inspiring title(s) would be written and posted from… Thursday, I think. Yeah thursday.

So comment away. Anything is fair game. As long as it’s coherent. Even if it isn’t. Y’all just get crackin…

Tank yew for helping a confused brother get his mojo back.


About cikk0

I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cikk0

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  1. ibetapassmynebo

    Ermmmmmm……….. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING…..at least it’s better than JUDE OHA

  2. Hw about ‘Horrible bosses’ or ‘terrible Ogas’?:-)

  3. The girl with red ribbon

  4. Lady boys
    The One night girl
    Voices of the night
    The longing

    These just came to the top of my head …

  5. Try “Press my buttons”

  6. “Don’t ask, don’t tell”?

  7. oh! what about “See no evil,read no DMs”?

  8. The silk pant -___-

  9. Errrrrr how about ‘the day chris woke up late’.

  10. natural vs relaxed hair on females

  11. do a spoof on possible naija versions of ‘big bang theory’, ‘how i met your mother’, ‘heroes’ and maybe ‘prison break’ 🙂

  12. Hmm… “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

  13. How about a remake of “one week, one trouble: the extended version”

  14. “The Walk Of Shame”.

  15. Yesterday cometh, The Rise and Fall of *insert name, place, animal or thing here*, Penthouse soot (yes, soot, not suite)… Omo dis tin hard small o! Abeg manage dese ones first…

  16. Hmmmm…”Legally declined”…”My 1st encounter with a “snail” ;)”…”To whom it may concern”…”A Bouquet of exotic human hair please”…”To keel a mocking tweep”…LoL…:D…Ayt!I’m done!

  17. Sugercane baby
    Professor Coldheart
    jobless in seattle
    white men can’t jump

  18. An alien in Nigeria…
    2 in the pink, 1 in the sink [NOT stink]…
    My metamorphosis…
    If I was a woman…
    An alternate history/reality of 9ja in an alternate universe…

  19. Ermmmm, “The Mazi that I am”
    “So you think you can blog”
    “Is it ur handle”

  20. Cikko, you don enter am today. lol You sure you’re still gonna be able to write with all them title options you’re getting.. Well, have fun with them oh.

  21. Rocking Aso Rock!
    Once a boy, now Stupid.
    Fitness: How To Make It Fit
    The Life & Times of a Pad
    A Soup or Star; 1 or both.
    NEPA; True Nollywood Story

  22. Hungry and Dangerous
    In The Night
    The Storm Cometh
    Pretty Little Ricky
    Not-So-Tiny Dancer
    Wishing Dust (I mean like when you say ‘yarning dust’ (is thst how ‘yarning’ is spelt?) You get?)
    6 Inches

    Off the top of my head. Might be back 🙂

  23. fucking busy,busy fucking

  24. After reading this i think i’m going to get a page…. hmmm, what about “Psycho”

  25. Get your freaky on 😀

  26. The L word (could be any L word)

    The boy who was

    Are we dead yet?

    The Agbero/Ashawo (choose one, or both sef) who loved me

    The Guest(s)

  27. Can I steal a title or two? I’m liking THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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