Una well done o!
Yes, e don tey. I know.
The worst part is that I come bearing no reassurance that this will change. Indeed, my writing juices have not flowed much. I thought getting a bb would help the matter but alas, no such luck.
You see, these days, a brother is without employment. And a jobless Cikko is an uninspired one. It’s how I function. This situation should get better real soon sha. Emem?
I also need a netbook. My big 17″ laptop is groovy but not great for typing at 2am in the morning when the craziest ideas hit or for taking with me into the crapper where all the best stuff is born. Donations are allowed of course!

On to today’s post. I wrote the first three stanzas when I was in ss2. I couldn’t remember the rest but I really loved the idea. So I rewrote it yesterday. Hopefully, the thought process feels the same. Enjoy…


If pehsin die today no vex,
Na God want am like dat,
No let woman break una neck
Weda she tin or fat.

I know why I dey tell una,
Woman don do me so
Na one girl dem dey call Tina
Wey make me catch gono.

D first time I been see dat one,
My head turn upside down
My plan den na to hit and run
God hear dat one come frown

I waka meet d babe and den
Omo boy start to rap:
No do, no do, lyrics no gel
Na im she tear me slap

Shakara sef na normal tin
I just gats to change style
When guy man start to drop kishi
D babe come begin smile.

E reach two weeks before Tina
Begin dey gree for me
But after dat e no too tey:
She come show me bobbie!

But bobbie no be food at all
Man must to chop complete
If I say Tina no sabi,
Na lie: her tin too sweet.

One day my Johnny no respond
When I wan piss by force
E pain me sotey I wan die
D tin wan tear blockos.

“Tina what is this you have done?
Why you give me gono?
D tin wan scatter my pomo
You go say you no know?”

D gyal come look me up to down
Come hiss like village snake:
“You get luck say I no kill you.
Idiot. Waka shege.”

And so my country people
Na so d matter end
Tina carry disease give me
Come follow weather blend.

He who chops and runs away
Must chop again of course
But if you chop Tina commot,
Ya mouth go commot pus!


About cikk0

I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cikk0

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    When ojukokoro hook man,
    Na the result be this,
    No let shit hit the fan,
    Or you no go fit piss.

  2. I absolutely love this! Tina harsh sha. Chop ya money, give u take away join. Hahahahhahahaha.
    Your idleness can be fixed. Ever considered being a gigolo? Many working class chics on twitter wit plenty money dey find who go service them. Treat ur gono, do them just once, u go receive wetin pass Netbook sef.
    Na d advice wey I get I dash u so

  3. ShakingMyHass

    Ah, Memories, memories…

  4. Buhahahahahahah!!!

    Valentina, Antina, Clementina abi Argentina
    Na to remove dat ‘p’ wey don almost do
    Even if ya name na Tina Obama
    How I wan take know say no be you?

  5. Lool thank God say I no gree dat time ehhh
    Na so u for gv me gono????
    O su kwa!!!

  6. Loool!



    No comment, mhen

  7. Lmao! Mad man
    “But bobbie no be food at all
    Man must to chop complete”
    Lol… Olojukokoro!
    Bobbie is enough for the wise!

  8. “I waka meet d babe and den
    Omo boy start to rap:
    No do, no do, lyrics no gel
    Na im she tear me slap”
    Loool, omo slap on top rap, tina harsh gannnn!
    Nice one mate.

  9. LoooooOOL, ojukokoro boy. Nice 1

  10. Yet u wonder y u r idle…the devil’s workshop needs another apprentice…good job tho…jus pray Tina is not on twitter…

  11. Buahahahahahahaaha. As in u r not horaite at all o.
    And this just reminds me of ‘Monica’ by Junior & Pretty.

  12. I just dey feel both the comments and the post. We know say we tush for twitville and blogsville, but e no razz to speak our lingua… triple tuale for the ladies and gents wey follow the flow of the post take comment…
    As for tina, bob marley talk am well… no woman no cry… but slap on top rap? I for just give am clap come go take nap…

  13. Sick…….totally sick

  14. Hahahaha.
    Why did I postpone reading this to today?
    … *But if you chop Tina commot,
    Ya mouth go commot pus!*

  15. SS2? Clearly it haff tey… cracked me up sha. Lunatic :p :))

  16. *shakes head and walks away*

    *bursts out laughing 10 mins later*

  17. Such art…in pidgin again.



  18. But bobbie no be food at all
    Man must to chop complete ◀—- loooooooooool!!! What the sincere fuck man??!

  19. loved this.
    please share on afro?
    emwil a brother

  20. Lol! Oh boy!SS abi?no be today ya mind don dey sweep gutter.I go enter prayer house for you soon.

    You do well for this post o!

  21. LMAO!!!!!! I won’t forget this in a very long time.

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