Hi there.
Yes, it’s been a while. Too long. I have to be fair and honest with myself: I’m a lazy writer. One of the worst. I’m still not promising I’ll be better though. No, I don’t care about your feelings. I’m a big meanie. Report me to your Mom, I don’t care. Didn’t you hear I’m a Mom-charmer? I actually got that nickname (Mom charmer) when I tried to put ‘jazz’ into a tub of yoghurt for this hot number I was liking. She was my age. (The jazz in the yoghurt trick is always necessary. Why aren’t these ladies falling over themselves to be in presence??? I now floss and use mouthwash, y’know!)Anyway, said lady was lactose intolerant.
But sadly, her sixty something year old single mother wasn’t.
Having a wrinkly, pimply sexagenarian trying to grab your crotch in public is the sort of horror that made Friday the 13th an actual ‘thing’…

Okay. Poorly crafted jokes aside, what do I have planned for my lair this year??? Not much actually. I shall be as boring as ever. I’m secretly hoping I do better but I’m trying to keep your expectations low. Self deprecation is a dying art. What I can (to a small extent at least) guarantee is that I shall present ye with a few kinds of content popular everywhere else but previously unseen here. Viz….

1. Actual diary-esque entries. Expect me to rant properly this year. I shall also give you more gist about what happens in my life. Sadly, John Okro’s life is always going to be more fun but if I got half as much attention as he, I wouldn’t be struggling to compete so much. And if you are one of the slow ones yet to figure it out: yes, I am VERY jealous of the character I created. Anyhoo, next week, I shall defiantly blog about my 2011 and hopefully continue from there.

2. Audio. Do you guys that I am a producer? Well, I am. And not half bad, it seems. I know… shocking, aye? Meh. This is the gist: I have a tonne of unused beats. And I plan to periodically put ’em up on this space. I always imagined that when clients came calling, I’d simply yank out the archives and make them choose n pay but it hasn’t worked out like so. Dumb ass artists always have ideas as to how their music should sound. Bollocks. What happened to being clueless huh??? Y’all could try that and save me the stress of having to make new stuff up sha. Also, most of my friends have badgered me about my posturing online: I don’t bandy my music about the place as much as I do my writing.
Bottom line, I have plenty beats unused and instead of allowing them rot ad infinitum, I’ve decided to share some of them with you. I’d love if people would make tracks of them and send me cuts to listen to though. Let me know what you guys think of the idea. First one should be up next week. Fingers crossed; I get cold feet over everything!

3. Finally, I haven’t made up my mind about this yet, but I’d like to review a few albums. My style. With all the detail I can cram into it. Most of the ones I see don’t help much. Especially for one who is as picky and technical as myself. So, depending on many things, like disposition, careless time and the availability of the grand sum of N150 to buy audio cds, I might review a couple of albums this year.
So there. Lofty dreams for 2012.
Unable to leave without giving you awesome peoples something creative to consume, here’s a poem. Enjoy…

They come and go
Like the flow of the ocean to the sand,
Like the blood always coursing through the hand,
Like Pinky and The Brain’s master plan,
They come and go.

Like the seasons following momma nature’s whim,
Like the day’s flow from brightness to the dim,
Like a tween’s mood oscillates gay and grim,
They come and go.

Like a man who is born but then must die,
Like a smile oft replaced when we do cry,
Like perishables that we constantly must buy,
They come and go.

Like all fashion trends are never here to stay,
Like a wild bird may perch though it yet may stray,
Like the shadow chooses when to show or fade,
They come and go.

Like a sickness for which we have found the cure,
Like a woman’s age does dampen her allure,
Like the fear that the world will end soon for sure,
They come and go.

I’m your moment of weakness and time of strength,
I’m your fleeting love and power to resent,
I’m your beating heart and now unceasing breath,
But even I come and go…

P.S. I’m fully aware that the line about women’s age and diminishing allure draws menacing. stares.The comments box is your friend…


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I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter:!/cikk0

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  1. Mtchew!! Who told you to come back?!?!

    Better bring John Okro’s sister or mother next time you blog.

  2. ibetapassmynebo

    Okro. . .

  3. First time on this blog and in liking it already……very relaxing Post,I’m looking forward to more

  4. LOL. I shall await the beats you have.

  5. Welcome back…for now. I shall ignore the aforementioned line in the poem *triple side-eye*. We want, no, need more content this year please. You already know my feeling about the post, like all the there :D. Waiting for John Okro’s 2012 escapades.

  6. Welcome back bro.. Nice poem… Beats by Cikk0, eh? Okay oh, im waiting. I shall now start to famz you. the nxt Don Jazzy 😐

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