Free Beat!

The link’s at the bottom of the page as well.

First of all, let me start by saying that you don’t know Princess. Even if you think you do.
Okay. So yeah… beat.
I finally gathered the courage to expose myself. *clutches towel* Let me know if I shouldn’t tag you in subsequent posts of the “Beat Series”.

A disclaimer: DO NOT make money off this. Unless you plan to contact me first. And give me a share. The work I’m putting up remains my intellectual property. Giving it out for free doesn’t extinguish that right. If I see ya video ‘pon MTV Base, ya “a-double snakes” is mine.( Yeah, that means “ass”. I’ve learnt things on Twitter!)

Mixtapes are allowed. I’d just be happier if you’d let me know first. Bottom line, you’re not allowed to make money off it without getting my consent and possibly paying me. Did I let on that I’m a Barrister? Ya. I’ll sue you for free. Emem?

So… What you have below is my attempt at house music. Not techno: house. There’s a big difference. Techno is your standard Euro pop trash. It is used mainly in Japanese video games. I made this circa 2009. I think it thumps. But it’s my music: I’m supposed to like it. The horrible, rough, clearly unmixed voice-over is not mine. *pushes nose back in* God gave me many many things. He just did not include a sexy voice in the package. Maybe I should have traded in my man-boobs.*sigh*
At least be happy I wasn’t yelling “notjustok dot com!”
To this day, “cikko on the beat” remains the most awkward sentence I’ve had to say. Mind you, this is from a guy who has made fart jokes during a job interview. (I know: it begins to seem clearer why I finally settled for self-employment.)

Endeavour to listen with earphones/headphones or proper loudspeakers for best results. I don’t care how loud your “NokLa” (not Nokia)by China phone is. Don’t try it. Stock laptop speakers are also not worth it.

By all means, share with your friends. The more the merrier.

Finally, please if this inspires you to record any music, do me a favour and mail it to me ( I’d gladly put up my favourites on this space. Also, it will encourage me to put out more. And trust me: there’s more. A lot more.
Comments and constructive critiques are also welcome.


cikko 01


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  1. Cikko on the beat….LOL. *runs to the studio with beat*

  2. Can io play this beat in my head while doing Cool stuff?

  3. U def knw hw 2make me 😀

  4. So, if the muse permits. I’d do something with it tonight. Play like always.

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