Born To Write

Evening y’all. Today, I do something I’ve never done before: guest blogger! I’m very protective of my personal space so even I was quite surprised at my own willingness to post this.
Oh well, this story really resonated with me. Especially because it’s soooo similar to mine. Introducing Zinny.


I’m not one of those who know concretely what they want to do with their lives from birth. I didn’t know nothing. I floated through life blissfully ignorant, and was fine with that…until SS3 and that visit to the Guidance Counsellor’s office, where there was this talk about what career I wanted to have. Of course, I had no clue what the heck I wanted. Yes, I loved Literature, English and what else? I hated Maths! I found Government boring and Economics unintelligible. So what could a person with my limited abilities- if they even passed for that- do with my life?
I couldn’t teach; I knew that already. That lack of patience with students who couldn’t get it instantly was a genetic thing, passed down through the generation of women in my mom’s family. I could see myself smacking those kids upside of the head all the time. Imagine the complaints, imagine the threats, imagine the furore.
So what could I do? I derived incredible pleasure watching the women on NTA read the network news at 9p.m. They were so pretty, so well spoken, their geles, their make-up… oh my Lord! I couldn’t, if asked, tell you what the news was about; it was the women’s faces and voices I found gripping. But Broadcasting? Nooo. I’d have to get past the shyness…strike that, timidity I was cursed with. It was a very definite possibility that I would shrivel up and die when faced with a crowd. So what then? In comes my dad with a suggestion: Law. Why law? It is a professional course. Hmmm. Did I know what lawyers did? No. Did I know that it would involve standing before people to, as my law classmates liked to say, “adumbrate ,” which would be no problem if I could get past the blasted shyness? No. The word professional sounded so fancy, I was sold. Law it was. Hey, everyone, I have a career!
Fast forward to my first day in class. Law 101. No sense going through all the years of repeating JAMB so I could get the course I wanted – Law. So, I sit in class and my lecturer is teaching us Jurisprudence. He’s talking about these men (what are their names again?) and their different philosophies. I’m there bodily, but I’m spaced out. My mind is roaming many universes. It doesn’t help that he is speaking in a slow, halting manner. It’s all I can do to keep from screaming at intervals: “hello, these men are dead, let’s get a move on already”. That’s when I knew: it wasn’t Law either. But it was too late to do anything, I had to suck it up and stick with the program.
There I am, plodding through classes, novels in hand, making just enough grades to get me into another level, when a classmate walks up to me and asks for an article for our editorial board. I stare at him, incredulous. Finally I open my mouth and utter these words, “I read. I don’t write.” He refutes my claim. I insist. Then he takes to bugging me day after day after day. I’m so tired, I have to say yes. And would you believe it, walking down the path to my house, a script begins to form. Soon as I pick up my pen to write, the words just tumble forth. Crazy! Awesome! As good as I feel, I’m not in a haste to conclude, coz it could be a one-off.
One day, I’m walking down the corridor to my classroom after school hours and I see a friend- former secondary school classmate and president of one of the law chambers. I ask what she’s doing and she says she’s working on a magazine for the chambers. I ask if I can look. She hands over the scripts. Before I realize what I’m doing, I’m correcting spellings, expressions, replacing statements, inserting stuff. She is thrilled. Now she has help. And that’s how I emerge Assistant editor for the magazine. I’m still not thinking about any of these as a career possibility until I’m practically coerced into the position of E-in-C to revive one of our redundant boards. Then I know that this may not be what I was born to do, but it is for sure what I love to do.
Hello, my name is Ezinne, and I’m a writer.


So there. Sadly, she’s not on twitter. I’ll try to coerce her. For those of you who blog/write, how did you get into it? Comment box below. Rock it.


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  1. 🙂 good to find another person who branched out of the boredom called Law 🙂

  2. ok,,,dis is weird…dis writer kinda reminds me of ME!…with slight variations [e.g i dont write although i HAVE written an article (if u cn call it that)..ONCE…and it was uploaded on a now defunct blog]…hmmmm.

  3. Heartbreak drove me to Blogsville…

  4. Have always written. Even as a kid. I scribbled everywhere on anything I could get my hands.

  5. Waiting for the sequel…

  6. My internal screams drove me to writing. It was either write or break someone’s head 🙂 I chose d safer option

  7. I started writing on Facebook. The notes. Someone suggested I start a blog. I read two novels to help with inspiration and visited quite a number of other blogs.

    Na so I start.

  8. Nice piece, great write flow. I wish we had young writers come out and write.

  9. I have always written. About anything and everything. For as long as I can remember.

  10. Very interesting. This is just you telling your own story and its so much fun to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Do you have a blog? I do like to add it to my newsfeed too. If you don’t, can i ask you to become a regular blogger here? Dont worry about the big head that owns this blog, he goes off for months sometimes without a word. 🙂

  11. I started writing poems for girls in school.
    And for guys who couldn’t write shit for their girlfriends.
    Then I started posting sarcastic comments on facebook. Then I took to notes.

    I plagiarized a lot.

    Then I started reading Kelvin’s stuff and Master Sushey’s stuff and went; “I can do this shit too”.

    Enter the wordpress account.
    Na so I start.

  12. Awww…all these lovely testimonies..feels like Writers Anonymous here,except dat in ds case we r not thinkin of givin up ds strength…this was really cool.
    well done Ezinne,hopefully Baba Cee’s coercion wld give.
    totally enjoyed ds post…

  13. I’ve always loved writing,even as a kid. i wrote everywhere and on everything. Even our walls could bare me witness then.
    The real motivation came from reading lots of books and other People’s blogs. These guys made me think i could do it too —> Sirkastiq, weird_oo, edgothboy and oluwawanababa…. 😀

  14. A bow,a curtsy and a very big thank you to everyone who commented: Don,Sucre,Vito,Jemjem,everyone! I’ve been squealing with delight since i read your comments. Its dizzying to know people beside my team of friends actually enjoy what I put out. Thanks. And, Chris,thanks for giving me the spotlight today. Its very big of you. Godbless.

  15. Crafted my first death-threat poem at 14. Completed my first book at 15. Loads of uncompleted stuff at 16. Then there was the facebook notes. wrote loads there. Twitter and a year later, blog!

  16. LOOL
    Nice one Zinny. .

    Used to write. . .Poems. . .Patience Ozonkwo kinda stories esp wen I was depressed

    Then I met Life. . .

    No time again. . .

    Became Uninspired. . .

    Babanla blocking. . .

    Here I am today. . .

    Still Uninspired. . .

  17. my reason : venting!!!

  18. I started writing for the press club in my Secondary school.

  19. Sibling rivalry. I’ve always wanted to write just to prove I’m d smart one. Growin up, My bro @kblewin was always stealin d thunder. Started wriing wen (of course) my bro introduced me to Sirkastiq’s old blog.

  20. In primary school, my friend and I would write books. She would write and draw the illustrations for the books. I wasn’t much into it sha (I’m a singer.)
    In high school, I used to get really high grades in my essays and stuff, so after reading a number of blogs most notably, Chronicles of Dania, a blog called Flight of the Phoenix and KevinWithAnL, I decided to start mine. I still don’t consider myself a ‘writer’ though.
    This was very interesting to read. I enjoyed it.

  21. Started writing in church, when i was bored, of which I was always bored. I’d tune off from everything happening in church, go into my own world and start scribbling.

  22. You know back in high school when in the English tests they give you options to write a letter, essay, debate, article etc? Everyone almost always chose the easiest option (letter writing). I consistently chose the hardest topic. I just like writing.

    As per why I have a blog… I’m not too sure sef. Maybe to set ‘p’? *shrugs*

  23. Been in lala land for a while. My first short story as i can recall was in primary 1, complete with pictures. Fond memories. From then on i wrote, then spoke, and wrote some more until i finished school and got a job, and that was the end of that. Once in a blue moon i come out of hiding and leave a line or two. or three. i miss writing 😦

  24. Wrote plays out of boredom & escape, my father thought we dint need a Tv so @ d age of 9 I found a teacher that gave us the opportunity to write watever and compel our classmates to act, sing or do watever with it…don’t think I’m a real writer though…I need to edit a lot before I can be satisfied with d output…yes I found photography as a gud escape…law is making me sick too

  25. A very beautiful story, and even more so because I know the writer. I studied law (subtly guided in that direction by my dad), and upon the conclusion of my call-to-bar ceremony, I had a wild sense of disbelief that I had actually become a lawyer. I wondered how ‘real’ lawyers felt. I had a distinct sense of having gaping holes in my body of knowledge so much so that I could have sworn that they were visible to those early clients whom my employer had foisted me on! And when I came face to face with some incidents of corruption in the judiciary, I seriously considered looking for a teaching job in a secondary school. However, I plodded on and got to a chambers where I was thrown to the deep end of the pool. I had to swim or sink; I chose to swim. And I have since come to love the Law – and have gone past its boring facade, taking great pleasure in using my training to chase away the frowns of anxiety on the faces of clients who come through my door. But I am essentially a man of two professions: literature and law. I took to literature through poetry – love poems for a girl that caught my fancy back in secondary school but whom I was too timid to approach personally. I was also wary of an ‘open letter’ and wanted a medium that did not lend itself to easy understanding. Don’t ask me whether I got the girl! In time, poetry became a potent survival tool, an agent of escapism from the demons I had to confront in the course of growing up in a polygamous home. In time too, I added drama to my repertoire, and prose, and freelance editing. It’s great to be a writer.

  26. Abiola `Lashun' Olasupo

    Wow!!! U got any tips on gettin over the shyness? Coz its same for me too! Lol! Anyways lovely write up! Doubt I can write to save my life but been penning songs since me year three despite me jealous girlfriend (Law) taking all my time.

  27. Abiola: Tips for getting over shyness.
    1) Ignore the sudden acceleration of your heartbeat. With time,it’l return to normal. If it doesn’t, just keep ryt on ignoring it.
    2) Focus on your words,so you don’t start stammering or mixing tenses or saying something that’s not in the script.
    3) Watch your vocal pitch: If you’re like me, your pitch goes off a thousand notches,it’s practically a squeal(sounds very unnatural). And this happens involuntarily. So i force my voice down to its gutteral depths and keep talking.
    4)Look for opportunities to speak: Start small,with persons you are comfortable with.
    Hope this helps. Its not culled from any text o,its my own method of coping.

  28. Lol! Thoroughly enjoyable piece, Zizi. Part of my enjoyment stems 4rm d fact dat i ws dere n even helpd in d pushin & prodding (“…but u write well, Ezinne, u can do it better.”), whilst makin sure to keep well hidden 4rm d searchlight. Real glad u took d plunge, kept at it &u only get bettr by d day. Kudos, Zizi!

  29. Oh my giddy aunt!!!! This could actually be me…except I think I might have found a branch of law I can really get into (watch this space). But wow! It’s amazing how true ‘you’re not alone’ really is!!! O__O

  30. Bett,tanks for the moral support of those days and now.

  31. Annie, pleeeasse,what branch of law is that? Seriously!

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