Misleading Angels + Einstein

So… “Misleading Angels” was written from my very high horse while I was yet a freshman in Unilag.

That’s about ten years ago. God, I’m old!

Misleading Angels

I’ve heard of people sent on wild goose chases,
I’ve heard of dogs sent after a fake bone,
I’ve even seen lawyers try lost court cases,
But misleading angels – I’ve never known.

Sit down for a moment and understand,
The plight of our poor Archangel Michael,
Sent to the bed of a supposed maiden-
Only to find she’s halfway gone to hell.

-Or heaven- at least at that time it is,
For at the time she’s indulged in a kiss,
And in a bed, only this time it’s ‘his’,
The Angel reports back, “Your child don miss.”

The man is praying fervently to God,
“Please Father, keep my dear child from all harm,
And from all evil men in this bad world.”
Fat chance! She’s in the devil’s very arm.

In response to prayer, an Angel’s sent,
To the bed of a young lady in school,
He get’s there and he knows not where she went,
Only that her Pop’s a prayerful fool!

Old man, the next time you pray say it thus:
“My daughter is in school – I hope she’s well,
Don’t bother to check her – it’s not by force,
And I don’t want to mislead an Angel!”

Einstein is one of those acts of foolishness that even I cannot explain.


Some tranquil is necessaary,
Even for the military,
When worthy occasions,
Undergo deliberations.

Solitude is of essence,
When inspiration descends,
And one must have some quiet,
When the thinking roads he plieth.

Privacy must prevail,
When dreams must not go stale,
The whiz must be alone,
When mental engines drone.

It has been a source of bother,
Why you got no kid brother,
Leave lest I be vexed,
Your mum and I want sex.


By the grace of the good Lord, I should debut my new ‘action hero’ next week. Stay….tuned?


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  1. Give us a sneak peak
    What name shall we speak
    Another John Okro
    Micheal Ogbono?

  2. uuu wrote better initially**tongue out***lol

  3. i need patience 4 poetry…

  4. Lool at the last stanza of Einstein! I should take my time and go through your blog. I know not about John okro.

  5. I wanna know what John Okro is. 😦

    I like the poetry. 🙂

  6. I liked the 1st one.

    Lol @ “..The Angel reports back, “Your child don miss.” (Y)

  7. hmmm..I read this on NS.it”s as beautiful as it waas then…going through other posts 😀

  8. New action hero? What have you done to John? Did I miss something? PS Einstein gets a thumbs up.

  9. Lol you were a happy young man..I like the poems

  10. Imagine the “prayerful fool” hahaha, Mama’s boy is an effective contraceptive. The verses r on point!

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