A Raggedy Epistle

So here’s the thing with being a producer: you have an absolute tonne of beats just lying around.
This is a good thing, mind you.

So, early this year, I took stock of all the decent music I had on my system that was just sitting there doing absolutely nada. There were quite a few. I know men with thrice as many beats lying fallow but still… So I remembered there was this dude that once jumped on a track I produced for a friend. I forget A LOT but this guy I remembered. Dude is siick.

His name was (and thankfully still IS) Rapsody. So I invited Rapsody over to my yard and told him: “Dude, let’s put out an EP together!”
Of course he said yes. My beats kick butt joo.

Immodest wisecracking aside, we went to work. He worked alarmingly fast. Dude writes quicker than I think. Although I’m a bit of dumbo sha so that doesn’t really count for much…

Anyway, we got to recording. 8 or 9 songs later, the EP was complete. Some of the beats were in existence when we first had that meeting, one or two were recently cooked up.

The EP is gonna be titled “The Mavrixx EP” because we aren’t really aiming for commercial success with this project as much as we strove to simply express ourselves.

Today, I present the first of those songs. “Raggedy Epistle”. Rapsody is freshhhh. And I think we have musical chemistry. I think. Find out for yourself.


We’ll put out another song before we release the full EP sha. Did I mention that the EP will be out for free? Is that why you are now smiling? Tiff!


About cikk0

I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cikk0

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  1. Ha Ha!
    It’s gonna be free? So no bootlegging?
    Damn! 😦

  2. nice…well done! I enjoyed “Chop ya tithe” even more..lol

  3. We need to do a collabo cuh -_____- I need to be on that Mavrixx EP yo!

  4. no music like free music ^=^

  5. Come c1kko, which verse you rap inside? SINA RAMBO behavior

  6. RAPSODY MY NUCCA!!!!!! \(´▽`)/

  7. I’ve got some phc rappers I think u’ll be interested in doing a thing or two with for real!!

  8. Don’t know what 2 do 2 download this music

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