Hey Ma…

Hey Ma, what’s it like? How’s it up there?

Do you yet have skin are you still fair?

Or are you formed different than we are here?

Are you more or less fragile than you were?


Do you smile? Do you laugh? Do you make jokes?

Do you crack Jesus up? He a cool a bloke?

Do you have money there? I’m a bit broke,

Can I send you a beat? Did I hear ‘nope’?


Do you feel? Do you smell? Can you still cook?

Cuz if you could, you would leave some angels shook,

Do you still hide stuff where men can’t look?

Like in your small-print KJV Bible?


Have you learnt new skills? have you changed much?

Do you now read Latin and speak Dutch?

You were stubborn here. Do you now budge?

Nwa Chineke, you still dey go church?


Sometimes I wonder if you can be helpful

When the fam becomes too much to handle

Can I get tips  on cooking some draw soup?

I don’t eat that but you know how  Dad do!


So what’s the latest there? What is in vogue?

What do Seraphs wear to the high throne?

Do they wear fly kicks and rock gemstones?

Does their make-up highlight their cheekbones?


There are times when I just wanna hug you,

Wanna brag; show you off to my friends too.

“That’s my mom. She’s the best she is so cool,

She speaks slang, cooks well and chops knuckle!”


Do you think that you left at the right time?

D’you hear father’s cries in the nighttime?

Do you see how the pain made us decline?

On the plus side, I got a new waistline!


Your kids wanted to move you to Yankee,

Aurora to Phoenix then to Tennessee,

Our dreams and our plans left us hopped up;

Can you see how everything is fucked up?


Do you still give a damn, do you still care?

You still worry bout me when I’m not near?

I should be with you in some eighty years,

Hey Ma, what’s it like? How’s it up there?



Chill out eternally, Justina Chienyenwa Ogbuehi

17/04/1950 to 31/03/2013


About cikk0

I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cikk0

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  1. This is amazing Chris. So dope.

    Rest in power ma.

  2. Oh wow!!!! First, didn’t know your mum passed.. Sorry for your loss. But this, this is beautiful beyond words. It’s sweet! I sure hope they can see/read from up there, she needs to read this and smile.

  3. Wow, this is beautiful. I was like 🙂 😦 🙂 😦 🙂 :). I hope she smiles if she can read this.

  4. Beautiful.
    Read it like a rap, too.

    Sorry you lost your Mom.
    But I’m sure she’s up above…

    Looking down smiling.
    Of your writing.

  5. Wonderful tribute to the mother of all mothers. Met you once, but the impression sure will last a lifetime. Adieu ma. Rest in the Lord.
    Cikko nwanne m. O ga-adiri gi n’mma. Obi gi delu juu. Chukwu maara ihe oma o ga-emere gi.
    It is well bro.

  6. May she continue to rest in peace. May the Lord console you Cikko, may the Lord strenghten your dad.

  7. This brought tears to my eyes. May she rest in the bossom of the Lord. It is well…

  8. God rest her soul.

  9. This damn near brought me to tears. And yet it put a smile on my face. I never got the honour of meeting the amazing woman who inspired it, but I’m sure she read every line. And probably rapped it to one of your beats too

  10. Oh my God,Cikks!This is so beautiful!I know she is rocking heaven now big time!Be strong,dear!We always love u!

  11. This is a lovely write-up bro. I’m certain she’s proud of you. The memories of the righteous are blessed. Stay strong…

  12. Aww this is so sweet, couldn’t help smiling through tears. So sorry for your loss cikko, may she continue to rest in peace.

  13. Take Heart bro…. God knows best…. I’m sure she’s cracking God up in Heaven!

  14. *Big hug* Wonderful tribute and expression of your thoughts and feelings. May the God of all comfort, comfort you, your dad and siblings. Ma, rest in peace. All will be well

  15. May she rest in perfect peace. Sorry for you and your family’s loss.

  16. Jeremy Targert Speaks

    I’m in tears fam. This is beautiful.

  17. Oh, man! I haven’t even read this post yet. I jus rushed to the comments to be sure it wasn’t ur mum. N now I’m disappointed. I’m so sorry to hear. Bin off whatsapp sins my phone was stolen, so I dnt av ur no anymore. Do forgive n pls accept my condolences. God bless. Zinny.

  18. ur only st Gabriel swthrt blessin

    Thou I dnt realy knw hw she but tru ur face I believe she waz asa m nwa RIP mum

  19. This is beautiful Cikks. Its lovely. M sure she can read it and would always be near. Take heart, love and keep hanging in there *hugs*

    NB: u got a waistline???? Finally!!!! Yaaaayy! Now I can be properly lovestruck ;D

  20. This is beautiful. So beautiful I don’t know how to say it right. Losing a mother breaks the hardest hearts and teaches gratitude for the “little things” Trust me, I would know. Hope you’re holding up. Hang in there love. *hug*

  21. So sori abt ur sweet mum,pls take hrt nd I pray God’s strenght b upon u nd family.

  22. sorry for your loss man..

  23. This is so heart breaking. My heartfelt condolences once again Chris. *tight hug*

  24. ds is devastating however may her gentle soul rest eternally in d bossom of d lord

  25. rest in peace mama

  26. Wow!!! Wow!!! Am out of words men!!

  27. This was beautiful..my condolences..

  28. really great stuff… makes me appreciate my mom now that is still have her. Amazing

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