Story Story

A short story: the list of how many girlfriends I’ve had.

A long story: why I’m not with any of them.

A sad story: one day, I looked in the mirror…

A funny story: one day, I looked in the mirror. While naked. 

A sadder story: while staring in the mirror naked, my high wore off.

A smart story: I got dressed. Fast.

A stupid story: and what do you think you’ve been reading for the past minute or so?

A dumb story: It took you a full minute to get this far?

A war story: one day, I went to the toilet…

A crime story: you should ask the poor guy who went in after me.

A romantic story: so as I was eating a large helping of spaghetti…

A coming-of-age story: like that of King David and Uriah, I realized that my romantic story led to my war story and then my sad story.

A tragic story: so I wrote my account number and signed. Two minutes later, the lady at the desk wrote some figures she was looking at on a computer screen.

A never-ending story: so the other day, I tried to figure out women.

A fantasy story: seeing as we now have electricity 2-4-7…

A happy story: yeah. Didn’t I just say I put my clothes back on?


Baby steps now, I’ll have more on the blog next week. Been a lazy lazy writer in 2014…

About cikk0

I think I'm proper sane. A lot of people seem to think different. Oh well... Locate a brother on twitter:!/cikk0

Posted on March 8, 2014, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. You’ve done it again sir! Wonderful piece.

  2. No interesting story? 😦

  3. Looool. Fam. I like.

    Mahn, no be only you oh. 2014 is just a lazy year for the writer(s). Aaaand look at me generalizing.

  4. I’m just here lying in bed wondering how I’m never going to recover the 2 minutes of my life this hilarious idiot just took.

    Chris ya mad. Just in case nobody has told you in a while. Urgh!

  5. A horror story: ?


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